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10 Reasons to Sign Up for a Pole Class (Right Now!)

Published by Xiaohui on

by Krista A.

  1. Mood lift: It’s nearly impossible not to smile and laugh through the pain at a class where the instructor encourages you to feel yourself, literally.
  2. Move it: Moving your body more is always a good thing. And moving it in ways you may not have tried or thought of before can help to transform the way you feel and even the way you think.
  3. Age ain’t nothing but a number: I absolutely love seeing women of all ages at pole classes. No matter how old you are it’s always a great time to try something new.
  4. Strong is Sexy: this motto is best demonstrated by the strong, sexy, and talented instructors at Studio 3sixt.
  5. Surprise yourself: There are some moves that you won’t get right away and there are others that will come easy. Every time to you stick a move or see your body moving in the mirror you’ll feel the positive emotions of accomplishment.
  6. Show off: Where else can you slip on sparkly 6+ inch heels and strut your stuff in booty shorts? Even if you’re the only one looking, stretching out of your comfort zone is what life’s all about.
  7. Get inspired: The moves we do in pole class can definitely be taken home to accentuate your other workout routines or your bedroom workouts too!
  8. Take a screen break: Raise your hand if you work too much. Now raise your hand if you spend too much time staring at screens. When you walk into class you put the phone away and give your eyes a welcome break.
  9. Recharge / Regroup / Breakthrough: In that same vein when you take a break from work sometimes you have the best breakthroughs. While you spin around the pole the problem that you’ve been wracking your brain about might just reveal its solution.
  10. Take home the benefits: Taking the time to focus on yourself and your body is a wonderful gift. You will feel even better after class. I guarantee it!

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