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At Studio 3sixT, you progress through our pole class levels as you get stronger and feel comfortable with the movements. The instructors will move you up in level when you are ready. You won’t need to be a pro at everything and we don’t need you to be perfect to move up so don’t worry! We also have our non-pole classes that are typically all levels. Here is a little bit about our pole class levels:

Intro to Pole – this is a level not just 1 class. We teach a few spins and lots of transitions, plus you will start getting used to your grip and moving around the pole.

Level 1 – lots of spins and you will start learning moves up the pole like pole sits and the start of a climb. We introduce spin pole starting in this level.

Level 2 – this is where more aerial basics are taught like inverts, leg hangs, jasmine; all great precursors for more advanced tricks.

Level 3 – lots of tricks done aerially in level 3. Don’t be scared! We will take good care of you.

Level 4 and 5 – advanced levels. If you stalk videos of pole dancers, this is the level where we learn those crazier tricks.

We take pride in finding fabulous instructors. We want to have the ability to offer many fun and creative classes and we choose our instructors accordingly. We hope you will feel their dedication to your experience while taking classes.

The culture at Studio 3sixT is unlike any other studio. We are happy to be there and we hope you can feel that right when you walk in. If you are having an off day, we hope you will leave feeling better. Come on in, check us out, learn some moves and make some friends!