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Body Alignment – the Secret Weapon in Pole Fitness!

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Your alignment affects how you move!

By Ashley Greninger (Pole Instructor at Studio 3sixT & Alignment Therapist at Lotus Heart)

When your body is aligned your muscles, bones, and joints are BALANCED. What I mean by this is your shoulders are the same height, your feet face the same direction, and your hips are level. Your alignment comes from your body in your environment. Do you sit all day? Do you stand with weight more on one leg than another? Are you right hand dominant? All of these things contribute to your body alignment; your unique posture.

Lets debunk 3 common pole myths that relate to alignment!

Myth 1: “I’m just not flexible…”

Putting the genetically gifted aside (you know who you are-you lucky ducks) body alignment affects how you move and your ability to move. I am suggesting your alignment maybe affecting your flexibility. If your alignment is off balance your body interprets that imbalance as unstable and will tighten or even lock down the muscles in that area. A great example of this that many polers can relate to is the elusive front or middle splits. If one of your hips is chronically higher than the other your body will often tighten the muscles of the hips to create stability therefore making your splits almost impossible!

Myth 2: “You need to strengthen an area to prevent injury…”

Just because you are strong doesn’t mean you are free from the risk of an injury. There are plenty of very strong athletes with big injuries that keep them from doing what they love. What puts you at a greater risk for injury is your alignment. If you are misaligned you are moving in dysfunctional and compensating ways, which puts more strain on muscles, tendons, and joints making you more vulnerable to injury.

Myth 3: “ I don’t have enough power (strength & endurance) for that trick…”

Granted strength does play a role in pole fitness but since alignment affects the way you move and your ability to move misalignment maybe messing with your ability to achieve certain tricks.
For example “stuck “ or VERY tight shoulders that are not functionally moving in a full range of motion. When doing a pole trick that requires shoulder mobility -your body will do its best to move everything else to complete that trick. This is exhausting and an inefficient way to move. Your body is expending so much energy when what you really need is shoulder mobility.

Pole fitness is a newer sport and not that many people know about the benefits of an aligned-balanced body for pole. In the world of pole where so many polers want to “get that trick so bad”, where polers want to excel, and where polers want their bodies to support them in doing what they love ALIGNMENT is a very effective secret weapon.

Curious about your alignment? Ashley offers Body Alignment Assessments and Therapy Program in person or via Skype. Contact Ashley@lotusheartposture to find out more!

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Ashley is an alignment specialist, advanced exercises therapist, and rehabilitation massage therapist with over 13 years working with the body. She teaches Level 3 and Hustle and Pole at Studio 3sixT!