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Play Time by Virginia

Published by Xiaohui on

I have a confession to make…I can’t do a Handspring…I just can’t…yet. And you know, I’ve been playing on the pole for over 6 years now and teaching for 4.

As pole, the sport and our dance obsession becomes more popular I know that you might have noticed more and more pictures on social media sites, more news and story coverage, just more attention in general being given to what an amazing sport and work out and art form pole fitness is and has “become”. AND, not everyone is at the Cirqu Du Soleil level, but you wouldn’t know it because the majority of what’s depicted out there are the badass chicks and dudes that we all look up to, skip dessert for, and secretly aspire to be as we stretch on the living room floor while watching TV, instead of lounging. OK, ok it’s not all about “those” levels of ultimate fitness, and that’s why I’m writing this, because the best part about pole is that it’s ALL INCLUSIVE.

Here’s what I mean: if you were to move to a new city and had no friends and you went to try out a few pole fitness studios, I guarantee within a week or two you’d have a handful new homies to kick it (and kick up into that handstand) with. See? It’s international…Universal! But also, and this is the big message here…it’s SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!!! Are you guys having fun out there? Here’s my call to action to you all, darlings: No matter what level you are GO out there and play…and maybe take a few pics 🙂 Grab a friend and dork (safely) around at a playground or jungle gym. To show you what I mean, I’m including a few pics from my recent vacation to Belize. These are a few pole tricks I did on a lamp pole right outside of our beach house…

Beach pole dance fitness     beach pole dance fitness

You know me – if I’m going to be gone from the studio for 2 weeks, I’ll find something to climb 🙂
These trick aren’t crazy complicated (in fact one hold was the a move Missie had taught just the week before in L2) but I know that years later when I look at those pictures I’ll have one of two reactions: “Man, I’ve come a long way since then!!” or “Cool, I’m so glad I once had the body strength and gumption to pull that off!!” Either way, there are no regrets, only fun.

So, who’s with me? Street Polers unite!! Oh, and let’s give some love to the 3sixT Facebook page and show off those photos. Ready…GO!